Impact of Covid-19 on Businesses Globally on First Quarter 2020 with SEO in the time of pandemic.

Beginning February 2020, a lot of businesses felt the impact of online traffic lost globally with the most prominent loss in traditional businesses that does not rely on the internet at all. However, we see a trend shift in online global eCommerce purchases with online retailers benefiting the most from the pandemic event. From our traffic analysis across 500,000 websites around the world, we derived a general overview of this report on SEO in the time of pandemic.

Businesses that traditionally does searches from their company’s location are now experiencing a shift from remotely working at home as the norm. Covid-19 lock down globally at local level city-state wide, experiences a generally 60% – 80% drop in the online search traffic. Certain industries where there is a serious shortage and lack of supplies from their own countries are getting their supplies from other countries overseas.

Around 80% of all the businesses experienced a down turn in their online traffic rate including all services based industries. This economic reverberating effect shows how much intricate and inter-related companies and businesses are to each other; creating a domino effect across businesses locally, regionally and globally. This downward avalanche trend happened extremely quickly and suddenly with ramifications most evidently felt by the lock downs imposed on the country in response to Covid-19 pandemic spread.

Certain industries however, will be able to “benefit” more in this crisis time of which we narrowed down to and they include (but not limited to):

  1. Accounting Services
  2. Legal Services
  3. eCommerce / Online Retail Platforms
  4. Medical Supply Industries
  5. Alternative Currency Industries (such as Gold / Silver shops)
  6. Advertising & Branding Companies
  7. Cleaning Services Companies
  8. Logistics Related Companies etc.

We are able to assist and provide the above companies with quality online marketing services so they can function their businesses normally online.

Some highlights of our case studies include the keyword “mask supplier”, which can be read here.

Contact us directly on how we can assist your business to achieve greater heights by transitioning most, if not all of your business online.

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